DAU 40 PUNCTE PT ACEST EXERCITIU + PT CEL MAI BUN RASPUNS SI AM SA SI VA MULTUMESC PE PROFIL . PLIZZZChoose the present simple or present continuous - it could be positive, negative or question 1) You (not/like) chocolate. . 2) She (not/study) at the moment. . 3) We often (go) to the cinema. . 4) He usually (not/do) his homework. . 5) They (not/eat) rice every day. . 6) We (not/study) every night. . 7) (you/like) spicy food? . 8) (she/go) to Scotland often? . 9) (he/eat) now? . 10) We (go) to the cinema this weekend. . 11) They (study) now. . 12) I (clean) the kitchen every day. . 13) She (work) every Sunday. . 14) We (not/sleep) now. . 15) I (go) on holiday tomorrow. . 16) How long (she/stay) in London? .



1. You don't like
2.she isn't studying
4. Don't do
5.they don't eat
6.we don't study
7.do you like
8.is she going
9. Is he eating
10.we are going
11.they are studying
12.I clean
13.she works
14.we aren't sleeping
15.i'm going
16.did she stay
1)You don't like chocolate
2)She isn't studying at the moment
3)We often go to the cinema
4)He usually doesn't do his homework
5)They don't eat rice every day
6)We don't study every night
7)Do you like spicy food?
8)Does she go to Scotland often?
9)Is he eating now?
10)We are going to the cinema this weekend
11)They are studying now
12)I clean the kitchen every day
13)She works every Sunday
14)We aren't sleeping now
15)I am going on holiday tomorrow
16)How long does she stay in London