Fill each of the sentences below with phrases from the box on the left : - get on well . - part with . - social life. - best friends. - stay calm . - had a row . - fall out

a) It can be very difficult if you fall out with someone you work with . - exemplu
b) My number one rule is to ... under pressure .
c) We used to be ... before I moved away .
d) I ... with almost all my classmates .
e) My books are my friends . I don't want to ... any of my books .
f) Since I came in this school my ... has improved .
g) She ... with her sister and left the room in a hurry .



B) stay calm
c)best friends
d)get on well
e)social life
B. Stay calm c. Best friends d. Get on well e. Part with f. Social life g. Had a row