Caracterizarea unui personaj in limba engleza cu cuvintele :good,kind,polite,friendly,helpful,sensible,happy,stable,comitted,organised,humble,effective,hardwrking,relaxed,honest,sociable,decisive,efficient,strong,pleasant,creative,intteligent,clever,smart,elegant,humorous,romantic,witty,amusing,good fun,enthusiastic,interesting,outgoing,relaxed,good tempered,easi going,warm,reserved,lound,emotional,serious,light hearted,practical,obedient,reliable,excited Va rog cine poate sa ma ajute am nevoie

Trebuie neaprarat personaj real sau desene , filme etc?


Shakira is so good in music.She is an kind ,friendly and helpful person.She write emotional and amusing songs.She can not be relaxed and organised in all time beacause she has not time for all.Shakira is elegant and in the songs she has exotics chlotes .Like in the song La,La,La.
Scuze dar atat am gasit.Sper sa te ajute!
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