HELP! trebuie sa fac o scrisoare in engleza care sa inceapa cu Dear John si sa raspunda la urmatoarele intrebari : Where do you live?
Why do you like your city?
What are you favorite restaurants in your city? Why?
What would you change about it?



                                       Dear John,
  My name is ..........(numele tău) and I live in .........(orașul în care locuiești, ex:București). I love my city beacouse it is big and beautiful. It has a lot of monuments and important buildings. My favourite bildings in the city are the restaurants beacouse  I love to eat. My favourite restaurant is the Greek restaurant. I love it very much. It has special and tasty food, very delicious.
  I don't wanna change anything in my town. I love it and I think it's amazing. Hope you will visit it.
                                                                           ..............(numele tau)