1. Put the verbs in brackets into the present perfect or past simple . (imi si explicati de ce ati folosit) :
Uncle Nick is very pleased. The ____ (name) the baby Louise. Uncle Bruce ____ (buy) a new car and he ___ (give) the old one to Aunt Celia. Do you remember my cousin Rupert? Well, he ___(move) to Germany last month. He ____(take) his wife and children with him. Grandma ____ (recently/redecorate) the living room. She ____ (paint) the wallls pink and ____ (buy) a new carpet to match, it looks lovely.
2. Choose the correct answer.
I'm a teacher. I _____ in a school.
a. work b. worked c. am working
He ____ godbye and then he walked away
a has said b. said c.says
I ____ my work. Can I leave, now?
a. finish b have finished c,am finishing
____ make any noise. Mum is sleeping.
a. doesn't b. don't c. didn't
She always ___ her teeth twice a day
a. brushes b. has brushed c. is brushing
I ____ a postcard two days ago. It was from my parents.
a. get b. have got c.got
We ___ a lot of money on our new house so far
a. spent b.have spent c.are spending
There ___ any rice in the cupboard.
a. aren't b. isn't c. is
This house __ to my uncle Tom.
a. belongs b.belong c.have belonged



1.the name of the .2 bought.3.gave.4/moved.5.took,7.painted,8 bought
2/ 2. b 3/b 4/b 5a 6/c 7a 8b 9a
Mai departe?
Si nu cred ca e bine...tu ai pus doar verbele iregulate
primul com e la ex 1 , restul la ex 2
Aa bine
Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
Have named - indefinite time (nu se stie cand anume au botezat copilul); has bought / has given (aceladi motiv).; moved (se specifica timpul, last month, deci e past simple); took -face referire la acelasi moment (last month); has recently decorated - o actiune recent incheiata cu rezultat in prezent (casa arata bine) - present perfect; has painted/ has bought -aceeasi explicatie plus faptul ca nu stim exact cand s-a redecorat casa dar nici nu e important - rezultatul prezent al actiunii trecute e ceea ce conteaza. .
I got ... - past simple pentru o actiune bine fixata in trecut
We have spent ... pres perf pt o actiune care a inceput in trecut dar se continua inca in prezent (am cheltuit multi bani pana acum, adica pana azi - in prezent!)
There isn't ... "rice" este uncountable, nu se poate vb la plural
Plus "any " cere negativul
Belongs - in general, nu doar acum - actiune repetata, deci pres simple