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Buna ,rog raspunsuri in cunostinta de cauza ...deci , cand folosesc miss/lose , growing/heating , strange/strangely , as/like , express/tell (to feeling )

, true/authentic (fellings) ,to wants to please/enjoy other people , injured/hurt ?


Miss - ti-e dor de ceva / lose -pierzi ceva I miss my friends from school. I lost my kob! Growing = crestere/ heating = incalzire ; Nu prea vad ce au in comun. The growing process is not painful in most cases. Could you turn on the central heating? I'm cold.; Strange = adjectiv "ciudat" strangely= adverb "in mod ciudat" You are a strange person. You behave strangely. As/ like se traduc prin "ca" "ca si cum" "precum" - You draw the same way as you write: beautifully. You draw beautifully like your mother. express = show feeling tell = talk about feelings eg. Dogs can express their hapiness by jumping up and down or wagging their tails. Why don't you tell my what makes you happy? ; True = real authentic = autentic True love is hard to find. This is an authentic document- be careful how you deal with it. ; to want to please = a vrea sa faci pe plac to enjoy other people =a-ti face placere compania altor oameni - He would do anything to plese his wife because he loves her very much. Why don't you try to enjoy Peter? He's such a nice guy. Injured = hurt = ranit (sunt sinonime perfecte) I'm injured / hurt = Sunt ranit. How many peple were injured / hurt in the accident? Have you injured / hurt yourself? Dar "I have serious injuries. I'm hurt." Hope I could help!
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