REwite the sentences using an infinitive of purpose
1.I stayed at home .i haf to do my homerwook .
2.My mother went into town .She wanted to do some shopping.
3.I bought a notepad so that I couls writw some letters
4.I*m saving all my money because I want to buy a bike .
5.You need an extra sweater.You need to keep warm



1)i stayed at home becouse i had to do my homework.
2)My mother went into town becouse she had to go shopping.
5)You need an extra sweater to keep you warn.
1 I stayed at home to do my homework. 2 My mom went into town to do some shopping. 3 I bought a notepad to write letters. 4. I'm saving money to buy a bike. 5. You need an extra sweater to keep warm.