Buna! As vrea cateva intrebari pentru un ,,interviu,, ,bineinteles in engleza. Ideei de intrebari pe care sa le pui la interviu nu vreau ,,What is your favourite food?....ar fi penibil) ,dar intrebari care sa contina si anumite expresii, sa facem un dialog cu colega /colegul de banca. Urgent!!!



Hey....Whats your name???
Hey...My name is Rick.
Nice to meet you Rick.....Im from Kids Awards and I have some questions for you.
Ok I will answer them with pleasure!
First...are you having some favourites actors?
Yes I have:.............
All right! Did you like the Tv series Victorious?
In fact im not watching Nick series
Oh..... and the last question.....What is youre opinion about the movie Into The Storm
I think Into The Storm is the most good movie what ive seen ever!!!
Ok nice to meet you again, Rick Good Bye!