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My teacher is very nice. Her way of teaching is very high and its imine. Her big express love for what he does. I love her and always will. 
P.S. Daca scrii mare, ai 5 randuri de caiet. Dac mai vrei, spune-mi.

A good teacher is a rarity: an endangered species. There occurs by mutation of a gene, it formed with time. How do you recognize? Easy and hard. A good teacher leaves you alone, but watching you closely. You grow wings and I planted enthusiasm. I listen. Do you speak and when you say something, like open doors and windows. It's modest and patient. Do not attack the person, but it's critical. He knows, and knows what he knew. He knows how much you can get, you have to know how. The company you feel relaxed and curious. You debusoleaza then reassures you: wait, it's not even a tragedy (sometimes it is, but you do not say it). A good teacher is a great treasure.
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