1.Complete the sentences:

a.He ___ (wait)for half an howr before they ____ (arrive).
b.Where ___(he/go) when you ___(see) him?
c.He __(phone ) me to say they would be late.
d.She ___(talk)to John on the phone when I ___(walk)in .
e._____(she/know) they___ (come) to the party ?



A) He waited for half an hour before they arrived.
b) Where he went when you saw him ?
c) He called me to say they would be late.
d) She spoke to John on the phone when I walked in .
e) Does she knows they come to the party ? 
Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
A.He has been waiting ...before they arrived ( se foloseste has been waiting - present perfect continuous, pentru ca vorbim despre un interval de timp for half an hour - timp de o jumatate de ora - este regula lui since si for)
b.  was he going... when you saw him (se foloseste past tense continuous- pentru ca tradurerea este a unui verb continuu - unde mergea el - adica era in miscare, si intotdeauna can dverbul se traduce cu imperfect in limba romana, in engleza este past tense continuous)
c  He phoned me
d.    was talking to John.... when I walked in  (la fel se aplica regula si aici, alui past tense continuous - el vorbea cu john, cand eu am intrat)
e.    Did she know they would come to the party? (concordanta timpurilr -  stia ea ca ei vor veni la petrecere - past tense si present conditional)
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