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Write an e-mail your friend Charles telling him about a funny thing that happened to you during the summer holiday.Explain why it was funny(your name is edward)

Daca se poate in engleza ar fi cel mai bine
Dar si in Romana m-ar ajuta ..



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Hi charles,
i had an amazing summer holiday and i did a lot of funny things.the most funniest  moment happend when i was in greece and i went to the adventure park.there a girl came to me and she asked me if i want to be her that moment a volley ball hit her head and she fall on a stone.she was really abashed about this accident and she ran away from me.
i hope you write me back.
                                                     with friendship,

Iţi mulţumerc,dar ... Nu văd partea amuzantă ....
Dar totuşi decât deloc :0
O să iţi dau punctele :)
multumesc, sper sa te mai pot ajuta si cu alta ocazie...