Creeaza 10 propozitii cu cuvintele: water tower,mouse,cheese,dress,blue,pink,red,white,clock, shoes. ms mult imi trebe urjent,

I swimm in water , I seen a tower , I'm scary of a mouse , She likes the dress , The sky in blue , Pink is your favoutite colour , I'm buy a raincoat red , The snow is white . My shoes is new.


I see the water tower.
The mouse like cheese.
Your dress is blue.
I like pink.
I have a white T-shirts.
It's five o ' clock.
I like my shoes.

I love this water tower.
The mouse is running.
I don't like this cheese.
My dress is very beautiful.
The sky is blue.
I don't like pink.
I have got a white spare bag.
It is seven o'clock.
I love this pair of shoes.
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I see water.
I'm working on a tower.
I have got a mouse in my house.
The cheese is good!!
She has got a red dress.
My shorts is blue.
He has got a pink shoes.
My shoes is white.
I have a white rabbit.
My clock is made of gold.
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