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                                      Dear Sofia,
We did not speaking from three months,but i`m reading now!
I want telling me how do your parents feel,what hapend in your contry,how muving your school and evryting is posible about your life.
I and family are very good,we went at The Pacific in a small walk whit my ancle,It was splendid!!
Guess what,my parents was earn with  a winer bilet at the Roumani Lettery a amazing sum of the 2564 EURO,It a freak hapened!
I wait for your letter!!
                                                                 Love from,

Sa stii ca aceasta scrisoare a fost corectata de profesoara mea de engleza,deci este corecta nu facuta pe net!SUCCES!!! :*
Hi , my dear friend .I miss you very much . When you will come at me again ? It`s autumn , It`s time for distractions, but you now are far away. At me every thing it`s fine , and you?
Ohh I forgot to tell you that I have a new cat .His name is Tom . He are very smart and beautiful. When I leave at the school he are feelings you very bad ))....What new you tell for me .I am waiting you letter ))) Kiss and love your best friend )!