1.Complete the text with a\an,the or no(zero)article.
Jan Hals comes from ....Netherlands .
He was born in....small villagenot far from.....city of Rotterdam.He is
now.....sports trainer with .....English football club . He likes living
in ....London and in his spare time he goes to.....cinema and plays
.......guitar in ..... band.He starts ..... work early.He gets up at six
thirty in ....... morning and cycles to ......club . 'I don't like
travelling by.......underground during rush hour. ...... crowds are
terrible ,'says Jan.'Apart from that .....life in London is great.'
Va rog daca vreti sa imi traduceti .



Jan Hals comes from Netherlands. He was born in a small village not far from the city of Rotterdam. He is now a sports trainer with an English football club. He likes living
in London and in his spare time he goes to the cinema and plays the guitar in a band. He starts work early. He gets up at six thirty in the morning and cycles to the club . 'I don't like travelling by the underground during rush hour. .Crowds are
terrible ,'says Jan. 'Apart from that the life in London is great.'

15 3 15
1. the 2. a; the 3. a; an 4. no article; the; the 5. no article 6. the; the 7. no article 8. The 9. no article Jan Hals vine din Elveția. S-a născut intr-un orașel mic de lângă Rotterdam. Acum, el este un antrenor la in club de sport englez. Ii place sa locuiască la Londra si in timpul lui liber merge la cinema si cânta la chitara intr-o trupa. El începe serviciul devreme. Se trezește la 6 jumătate dimineața si merge pe bicicleta la club. 'Nu-mi place sa iau metroul dimineața. Mulțimea (de oameni) e teribila,' spune Jan. 'In afara de asta, viața la Londra e făina.'
10 3 10