Va rog ajutati-ma ! E pentru maine ! 7.10Compltete the sentences whit the present simple or the present continuous, 1. How many languages (Speak) _________ your brother....? Two . And he (Learn)______. 2. Where (Have Lunch)__________________ she usualy...? She (always/go home)________. 3. Where's Sally? She (play)__________ tennis in the park. She (play)________ evrey Friday. 4. (Teach)_________ they are Russian in your school?.. No , they .... 5. What's they lovely smell? My Dad (Cook) ___________ hamburgers on the barbecue.



1. How many languages does your brother speak? Two. And he is learning.
2. Where does she usually have lunch? She always goes home.
3. Where's Sally? She is playing tennis in the park. She plays tennis every Friday.
4. Do they teach Russian in your school? No, they don't.
5. What's that lovely smell? My Dad is cooking hamburgers on the barbecue.  
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