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My favorite singer is Antonia because it has a warm voice and a valuable beautiful .   I find it a successful singer , young people admiring it. He gave concerts in many cities of the country but also outside . He took several pieces including altitute in collaboration with singers such as Vunk and Holograf .    In family life seems to me a calm person who loves his parents, and especially her daughter ( do not know how her name on her fetira but if you know you can write her name) . Now we are fighting for custody of the girl and hope to take it because it looks like a loves making all pleasures .  Antonia is very young (if you want you can write her age ) invidiat.Parul beautiful silhouette with a long ( you can wrote his color ) dark green eyes , thick lips with cheeks as red as peony . So, from the above arguments with which I plowed prove that I love her and I would be very excited to meet reality and be present at a concert of hers.
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