Vreau sa stiu si eu c e pronume reflexiv trebuie la propozitile urmatoare:
1 Radu enjoyed______at the party
2 Jo made_______a new dress for the party
3 The young people at the convention introduced_________to the people they didn't know
4 'When i go back to romania I'm going to make_______a big photo albu, 'said Alina.
5 Have you ever imagined________ living in a foreign country?
6 'Make sure you don't burn_________when yiu're making the sausagres, 'said Mrs Taylor.
7 'We're old enough to look after_____
8 Even Candy, the dog, had a good time. it found________ a nice sausage on somebody's



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1. himself 2. herself 3. themselves 4. myself 5. yourself sau yourselves (depinde cator persoane se adreseaza) 6. yourself 7. ourselves 8. itself

In limba romana e "pronumele de intarire":
Pers I sg myself = eu insumi/insami
Pers II sg yourself = tu insuti/insati
Pers III sg M himself = el insusi
Pers III sg F herself = ea insasi
Pers III sg N itself = el insusi/ea insasi (neutru)

Pers I pl ourselves = noi insine/insene
Pers II pl yourselves = voi insiva/inseva
Pers III pl themselves = ei insisi, ele insele

Pronumele de intarire (reflexiv) se foloseste de regula in 3 cazuri: Cand subiectul si obiectul asupra caruia se rasfrange actiunea e acelasi (I hurt myself. ); Cand se doreste intarirea faptului ca un anume subiect a facut actiunea si nu altul (She did it by herself.);Se foloseste o prepozitie in fata unui pronume care face referire la subiect (I am talking to myself.).