Write your own notes for a composition called 'What an awful day!' Put them in the order they happened. Make your notes into sentences.Exemplul din carte:
Last Monday was a really awful day. I got to school late because I had missed the bus. Then I had a Maths test and did badly because I hadn't studied for it. Things went from bad to worse: while I was waiting for the bus home I realised I had lost my money so I had to walk home. I really wanted to go to the cinema with my parents that evening but by the time I got home they had already gone out.

Asa trebuie sa fac si eu ! Va rog, si va multumesc! Si traduceti acel text dupa ce-l faceti.



Today was one of the most awful days I've had in a long time. This morning I was supposed to go to London to see my grandmother, and I hardly caught the train! God.. Then, I didn't find one seat the entire train, and it was a two hours ride! But I though, whatever, I'll be fine. After about a quarter of an hour, the conductor came and asked for my ticket, and guess what? I couldn't find it anywhere, though I know I bought it that same morning. They threw me out the next station, a little town I had never even heard of. I called my mother to pick me up, but she didn't answer. There were no buses, no nothing. After two hours doing nothing, just freezing, i took a train back home. I didn't even have any money, but the conductor was sweet enough to let me travel free. It was horrible, God! Azi a fost una dintre cele mai îngrozitoare zile pe care am avut-o de mult timp. Azi dimineața trebuia sa merg la Londra sa îmi vad bunica, si abia am prins trenul! Apoi, nu am găsit un scaun gol in tot trenul, si era o călătorie de doua ore! Dar m-am gândit, lăsa, voi fi bine. După vreun sfert de ora a venit controlorul si mi-a cerut biletul, si ghici ce? Nu l-am găsit nicăieri, deși știam ca l-am cumpărat chiar in acea dimineața. M-au dat jos din tren la următoarea Stație, un orașel micuț de care nici nu auzisem. Am sunat-o pe mama sa vina sa ma ia, dar nu a răspuns. Nu era nici un autobuz, nimic. După 2 ore de făcut nimic, doar înghețat, am luat un tren spre casa. Nu aveam nici un ban, dat controlorul a vost drăguț si m-a lăsat sa merg pe gratis. A fost oribil!
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