Vreau si eu o compunere in engleza cu expresiile: to hear from sb,to bump into sb,to wave at sb, connect whith sb, to glare at sb, to smile at sb, to chatwhith sb ,to shout at sb, to whisper to sb, to write a letter to sb, to wink at sb , to shake hands whith sb, to make an appointment to/whith sb, to communicate whith sb, to have a meeting whith sb, tell the diference , speak your mind talks non-stop, telling people what to do, talk business.
Nu trebuie folosite chiar toate.

dap , e ceva
cati ani ai
astept si alte compuneri


Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
 It was a nice and sunny day , the first day of 7th grade.
 I walked into my new school trought the halls to my class .I started chatting with everyone , I shaked hands with everyone from there and made new friends . Also , I met a guy and communicate with him and I smiled a lot , I think i like him . The teacher walked in the room and gave us a pop quiz , It wasn't that hard , my deskmate was really stressed , I whispered to her some answers.After that , he was talking about bussines , and tell us about the difference between sleep and hibernate . It was so boring . At the lunch I sat with my friends at the table , I saw the guy who I met earlier , he winked at me and I laugh , it was funny .
 After classes I just walked home with him , I think we are connected with each other . 

- Nu le-am folosit chiar pe toate , dar am folosit majoritatea.
Nu arata bine alineatele , eu le-am pus dar vad ca nu e ok, te descurci tu ma rog
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