Think of three bands that you like and discuss these questions with a partner.
1.What type of music do they play?
2.Which instruments do they play?
3.Who is the lead singer?
4.How successful have they been in the charts?
5.Have they had any number ones?
6.How many albums have they made?What are they called?



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Pai aici conteaza despre ce trupa vrei sa scrii
de exemeplu eu as scrie despre pierce the veil:
1. They play punk-rock music.
2. They play the guitar, drums and the piano.
3. The lead singer is Vic Fuentes.
4. They have been pretty succesfull in the charts.
5. yes, they did. Caraphernelia (numele melodiei) was their number one.
6. They made 3 albums. They are called A Falir for the Dramatic, Selfish Machines and Collide with the Sky.
Dar ideea e ca tu trebuie sa scrii despre o trupa care iti place tie si atunci ar trebui sa cauti niste informatii. Sau poti pur si simplu sa scrii asta, dar s-ar putea sa primesti intrebari aditionale la care sa nu mai stii sa raspunzi deci e destul de riscant. Good luck!
In November, "To the Moon and Back", was released which reached No. 1 in January 1997. am gasit raspuns la 5 totusi =))
Comentariul a fost şters
Comentariul a fost şters
am gasit si la albume. au 3 albume: savage garden, affirmation si superstars and cannonballs
Comentariul a fost şters