Complete the sentences about Bon Jovi's day with , always , never , usually or sometimes and the correct form of the verb.
He (get up).... between nine and ten o'clock.
He usually gets up between nine and ten o'clock.
1.He(be).... very lively first thing in the morning,
2.He(drink).... lots of coffe when he wakes up.
3.He(go).... to the gym in the morning,
4.He(give).... six or seven interviews in the afternoon.
5.He(eat).... what he likes.
6.The band (travell).... by bus between gigs.
7.They(go to bed)...straight after a show.
Adică unde-s punctele să puneţi adverbele de secvenţă şi verbul corect :) , gl.



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1. usually is
2. always drinks
3. sometimes goes
4. usually gives
5. always eats
6. never travels
7. never go to bed
banuiesc ca merge pus orice adverb daca nu ai context deci...
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Thanks 4 help.
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haha anytime
orice faptă bună se răsplăteşte cu bine.