Vasile Muraru (b. November 14, 1956 [1 ] , Doina , Neamţ ) is a Romanian actor comedy . He made ​​a couple comic alongside Nae Lazarescu for 30 years. Do it tomorrow Vasile Muraru 53 years , but this year his birthday is under the sign of loss of a great actor, master Dinica .
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  Charlie Chaplin is one of my favourite actors beacouse he's very funny and interesting. He borned in Walworth, London, England on April 16th 1889. He began his official actor carieer at te age of 8, touring with The Eight Lancashire Lads.
  Charlie Chaplie's life was full of scandal(His first big scandal was during World War 1), but the people love him for his movies and beacouse he made them laught). He married four times and he had eleven (11) children!!!! He died on 25 December 1977.