He she it you are
i am lihe sometimes
i am dilike travelling
Nu m-ai ajutat cu nimic. :(
Normal, ți-a luat punctele.
A few ideas for you: I would say that the 21st century has brought a complete era of high technology which is the neither of writing nor of talking but rather of tapping. The computers seem left behind in this IT "cold war" among Microsoft, Apple and Android technologies. Nowadays, pupils are extremely attached to tapping on their phones more than to be attentive to their teachers or to speak about or talk over a class topic. As I see, the future would be more promising for keeping the children's focused on the education any society needs is to blend somehow the best features of this highly appreciated technologies with the tutoring role in the Education System. For that, I would introduce tutorials and many applications to reinforce the teaching-learning process and I would be very much in favour of less hours at school but more at home while video-conferencing to pupils for a better formative communication and guidance while parents are not at home and for encouraging new skills and autodidactic habits.
Sper sa-ti placa si sa-mi dai "cel mai bun raspuns".
Am 2 corectii: 1. scoate-l pe "the" din fata primului neither. 2. [any society needs], aici vei adauga: 'if the system thinks to blend' şi îl scoți astfel pe 'is'.
Astept calificativul, bro!