Dear Anna, I'm writing you this email because after a lot of thinking, I came to the conclusion a written letter is way too old school, even if you're quite some kilometers away. So, I opted for something.. well, a little more modern. Anyway, let's get to the point already. As you know, my birthday was last week, and sadly, you couldn't attend, but other people did. Do you know my aunt, Matilda? I think you've met her once before. Well, as a birthday gift, she bought me two tickets to go to a concert, a Little Mix concert (am zis si eu așa, tu zi ce artist sau trupa vrei)! Isn't that just the most exited thing ever? Having two tickets, I thought we could go together! I know you live in Manchester now, and I here, in London, but maybe you could come? Mom promised she'll pay for your train! I mean, yeah, she already bought you a ticket so.. I'll meet you at the train station, King's Cross, at 5pm on Saturday. Is that okay? Then we can go! The concert starts at 9pm, at the O2 arena and it lasts an hour and a half or so. I'll have a cab take us there. We'll go by ourselves, and knowing how much you love midnight strolls, we could just walk around the city (maybe get ourselves a Starbucks and some ice cream) and have a lovely time. I know it won't be midnight, but nonetheless, we will make it work. Sounds good? Call me when you get this, and we can talk more. I hope you're doing well, sweetheart! Love, (numele tau)
"..and knowing how much you love midnight strolls, after the concert, we..." trebuie pusă chestia cu 'after the concert'
                                               Dear Maria,
   I talked with you yesterday about that interesting concert with Smiley. You said that you will ask your parents about it. Hope you will come with me and Elena, our friend. The concert will be in the center of the city,  on Sunday. You can come at 7 o'clock in the evening. After this concert we can go somewhere to drink a juice or to eat a pizza. Hope your parents will let you come. I promise you we will have fun toghether, beacouse I know you like Smiley's music.
                                                                       ..........(numele tau)
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