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Can man live isolated? Without society?
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First of all, the insulation is the term that is used when some people decide or are forced to live alone in some areas uninhabited by humans, such as in caves, mountains etc.
Man can live apart from other people, society, the family. When you are isolated, the best would be to pray to God.
The hardest thing would be even insulation in a person's life. Stand isolated, no longer know how to talk to a person, look habits etc.
People isolate themselves when they have a nervous breakdown, they are depressed.
When I said that the best would be to pray, I meant that you never know what would happen. For example if you're in the woods you have to create a plan, strategies to help you.
In my opinion, I think that people when in trouble, the best thing would be to move on, because the insulation will not change the past or the present.

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