In engleza:

Actually, I believe it reads, "A woman's work is never done." While men work eight hours, they are done and come home to rest. I think most young mothers and housewives of any age will tell you that raising children and taking care of a house is never a completed task. The work is ongoing, because (1) A child is a child even if he or she is 60 years old, and (2), housework is a never-ending job, because people live in a house, and where there's life, there's disorder, chaos, dirty dishes, dust, laundry, cooking -- the list goes on. It's continual, just like taking a shower doesn't mean you'll be clean forever, nor does eating one meal guarantee you won't be hungry in a few hours.
Muna unei femei nu  se sfarseste niciodata : adica femeia este supusa muncii continue (That woman is subject to continuing work)