O scrisoare informala despre : "You recently tried to sell an old camera on an internet auction site,but had some problems.You want to share your experience with a friend.Write a letter to your friend,explaining what happened,what you did about it,how it affected you and advising your friend about using auction sites in the future" In 150-200 words.



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Dear John Today I put an ad on the internet with a camera for sale. Is my device that I have now because I've got a new one. Has very small issues, because it's kinda old. To make a picture have to wait a little more, if you want to stand out very well. He is also a bit scratched at the bottom on the left. The rest is very good. Il buy 90 lei. At first, it was difficult to buy, because it has sentimental value, it was my first camera. I've got 10 years and since then I've never separated from him after all, that is. Will remain a memory! I hope to be someone interested in my camera. 
                                                     Love , Maria
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