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Complete the sentences with the past simple or the present perfect simple from of the verbs in brackets.
1.Caroline..... her stepsister a few months ago (visit) .
2. A: .... you.... my friend Gerry? (ever/meet)
B:Yes,I..... him last week at a party. (meet)
3. We.... the new Star Wars film ages ago but we..... any films recenty. (see/not see)
4. A: Can I speak to Liz Stokes,the menager?
B:I'm afraid she.... the office for the day. (already/leave)
5.A: When .... Sally and Neil .....? (get married)
B: In May last year.
6.A: I ..... everywhere but I ..... it yet . (look/not find)
B:When.... you..... it? (last/use)
7.Guess what I ..... (just/do) ? I ...... a mountain bike. (buy)



1. visited
2. A: Do you ever met
    B: met
3. saw, have not seen
4. B: has already left
5. A: did ... got married
6. A: looked, haven't found
    B: did you use 
7. have just done .. bought.
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