Buna. Doresc si eu o compunere cu titlul casa mea ( in engleza ) in care sa folositi toate partile casei, ca de ex: bed, lamp, bath, cooker, shower, etc. Sper ca ati inteles ideea :)

The house where I live has a large yard with many trees.
My house has two floor, it'a a house of medium size, enough big for mine and for my family.
Before of my house is an pool and an parca beautiful arranged.
My house has ten room.It's an house tastefully arranged.
The room has large windows, for entering the light of sun.

sper sa te ajute


My house it is a beautiful house.We have three bedrooms,a kitchen,a bathroom , a livingroom and a garden behind the house.
In my bedroom i have got a bed ,my closet and a desk .On my closet i have got a mirror with butterflies on it.My walls are painted with flowers.
Our bathroom is orange with white .The bath is white ,but the sink is orange.We have a shower ,too.
In the kitchen we have got a cooker some furniture with dishes and glasses.
Our livingroom is very large ,with a white sofa and an armchair.We have got a table were we serve tea in the evening.Next to the table is a lamp and in front of it is the TV.
In the garden we have got a lot of flowers and bird houses.In front of the door we have got a fir tree .
I hope you like my house .

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