Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1. to write - wrote - written
I have written a letter to my brother since I was 9.
2. to drive - drove - driven
My mom has driven to work for 6 years.
3. to fall - fell - fallen
My brother has fallen off the ladder.
4. to be - was/were - been
He has been a doctor for 10 years.
5. to go - went - gone
I have gone on a trip since monday night.
6. to know - knew - known
We have known each other for a few days.
7. to hit - hit - hit
He has hit the goal in the final minute of the match and won the cup for his team.
8. to cost - cost - cost
The gas has cost 5 lei since 2013.
9. to shine - shone - shone
That star has shone very bright for a few hours.
10. understand - understood - understood.
He has understood the lesson since the day he read it.

Comentariul a fost şters
Scuze ca am raspuns asa de tarziu, insa iti ia ceva timp sa iei 10 verbe si sa faci si propozitii cu ele :))
Comentariul a fost şters