Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1. I haven't spoken to her since her birthday. (verbul este 'to speak')
2. Have you read this book before? (verbul este 'to read')
3. Kevin has never been on a cruise. (verbul este 'to be')
4. You haven't written your essay yet?! (verbul este 'to write')
5. I've never met a celebrity in my whole life! (verbul este 'to meet')
6. Is there any cake left or have you eaten all of it? (verbul este 'to eat')
7. Mark has broken his leg, so he can't walk to school anymore. (verbul este 'to break')
8. Ella has never told anyone how her father died. (verbul este 'to tell')
9. I've lost my keys and I can't enter my house now! (verbul este 'to lose')
10. This is the best story I have ever heard. (verbul este 'to hear')
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