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Growing is a part of everyone's life. You can't avoid it it, you can't pass it.. you just go through it. Part of growing up means taking responsibility for you actions and behavior. As a child, you might've gotten used to doing whatever you liked, whenever you liked, be it good or bad. Of course, you could get punished for it, but nothing major. Real life, though, isn't all that bright. You gotta take responsibility for what you do and say, because you can't just aspect someone's going to come clean up all the mess you've made. Don't we all wish it were that easy... But maybe growing up sounds a little tough and maybe a little scary, but it's also a great thing. You get to fall in love, to go to college, to study something you like, to have the job of your dreams and many, many more. All this, of course, if you work hard and respect everyone you meet. You have to be responsible so people know they can trust you, and you have to act admirably at all times. If you do all these things, growing up is just a piece of cake. You'll see, growing up can be incredible, with all it's good and bad parts. Because after all, if it weren't for the bad times, we wouldn't know the good ones; we wouldn't know joy. Cred ca e destul de buna... sper. (:
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