Grammar snapshot:
Past simple and Present perfect simple
Make rules:
Which tense do we use with.:
- Expressions which refer to finished time, such as yesterday, a week ago and last night?

- Words which have a link with the present, such aa already, yet and just?

- Expressions which refer to any time up to the present, such as to far, up until now , recently, ever and never?

Nu stiu ce sa fac aici, vreti va rog sa ma ajutati?



Past simple for finished time. Present perfect withexpressions which refer to any time up to the present time. Past simple e trecut "curat" actiunile sunt consumate in trecut - eg. A murit anul trecut. He died ladt year. Pres perf - actiunile se "infiltreaza" in prezent desi au inceput candva in trecut sau se leaga cumva de prezent -eg. Mi-am cumparat o bluza (o am in prezent) I have bought a new blouse. Sau "am penarul ăsta de 3 ani " I have had this pencil case for 3 years. (Inca il am, nu pot vb de el la trecut) "n-am mancat niciodată sushi" I have never eaten sushi. (Inca e valabil, nu stiu ce gust are)