Raspundeti la intrebarile in lb engleza Whats your name and address How many brothers and sisters have you got What sort of music do you like Describe your bedroom at home What your telephoner number How nationalites are there in your class What school subject do you like /dont like What is yours sitting rooom like



My name is ...(numele)
My adress is : street ....,number ...
I have a brother/sister/brother and a sister...or I don't have brothers or sisters.
My bedroom is .... (small/large) .I have a .... (computer,bed,Tv )
My telephone number is  07.....
In my class are just romanians.
I like ...(english).I don't like ....(math)
poate cineva sami spuna cu se sa raspund in engleza what sort of music do you like
I like pop music,rock..