Lion is a brightful animal and "The king of the nature".He eats every animal in the tropical forest.He lives with a lots of interstin animals like kangoroo,ostrich and so on.The lion is with only a color -brown.He appears in a lots of stories like a brave animal and in the other like a frightened animal.He has a "crown" of soft fur around his neck and a powerful roar.
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Brown bear - description

The body of a brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos) is rich and reaches approximately 2.5 m in length and weighs up to 600 kg. His legs are long and strong. Brown bear rests on all the soleplate (plantigrad) and has neretractabile and long fingernails.

His back curved and slightly tilted toward his shoulders. His neck is short and thick, his snout elongated and cone, and small eyes, squint and with round pupil.

Their fur is thick and composed of two rows of hair, and the color varies from light tan to reddish or black, and possibly there are white spots on his neck in particular bears WWF young people.

Your senses on which is based the most are hearing and smell.

Is I'm omnivorous, which his teeth are adapted to their robotic dogs strong, long-molared Mudblood?round. Their food is changed

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