Ajutatima va rog frumos am de facut propozitii cu cuvintele
relationship,liking,patience,liar,traitor,friendliness,betrayal,feelings,true friend,lasting friendship,close friend,to lie,to betray,to share,to cheat,to trust,to argue,to quarrel,to lend a hand,to break up,to rely on,to be in trouble,friendess curageous,reliable,candid
va rogg foarte mult am mare nevoie de ele



What is your relationship with this man? 
He has developed a liking for her.
My patience has a limit.
He was called a liar after his lie was discovered.
I can't believe you are a traitor - you betrayed me and all of your friends!
Friendliness and respect is what I am looking for in a person.
Her betrayal struck him even harder.
I have feelings for this man.
A true friend is there when I need him.
I have always believed in long-lasting friendship.
Sarah is a close friend of mine.
I sometimes lie to my parents. When I do so, I feel I betray their trust.
I don't like sharing my stuff.
Students sometimes cheat in exams.
I trust you will do the right thing.
I don't want to argue with you as I hate quarrelling with people.
Why don't you lend me a hand to carry this chest down the stairs.
John and Sarah have broken up.
I knew I could always rely on you - you are a true friend.
I will be in trouble if this gets out.
It is worse to be left friendless than penniless.
He is very curageous - I don't think I could do that!
George is a very reliable person - he is always there to help you.
I'm not sure how candid he should be in this sitution.