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Va rog frumos ajutati-ma cu un eseu!!! Am nevoie un eseu pe tema: The customer is always right

Va rog din tot sufletul, ajutati-ma!!! SOS!
Cam cat de mare? Eu pot incerca,dar sa stii ca nu va avea aceeasi calitate ca si Google :))
Mersi mult!!!


All shop owners are dreaming to have a lot of customers, not only in the opening week, but all the time.
To do that they need to know what are the customers wishes, what is new on the market and what to do for having the best prices.
It's really hard to find a domani in wich you have a small competition. In this case, doesn't really matter the prices or what marketing strategy you need to use. But if you have a food store, or a clothing one,you need to respect the customer wishes.
There are a lot of stores that have nice merchandise, but the vendors are not polite. The first one will be attracted in this case by another store, that have excellet services. Basically, to have success you need to learn how to listen the customers and and offer them what they want at the best prices.
In the big companies all over the world ,from small shops until big bussines the ecuation of profit is simple : Happy customer + good products+ less time = (more)money. It's easy to get good products,if the buget is big. If not,try to have a medium quality,just that. The time is not a big problem always because it's easy to separate it for all employees.What about customers? How we can attract them into our shops? In our days,companies use biig neon signs , colorful letters ,clean buildings, and this is not enough.
"The customer is always right" is a motto or slogan which exhorts service staff to give a high priority to customer satisfaction.

Cam asa ar fi un inceput...eu nu stiu sa mai continui,nu le am cu economia si nu sunt la liceu :) :'(
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