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1) l love warm weather...(Nu am gasit asa cuvint in limba engleza  "wather")
2) Today I walked in the rain..                                                                         3) Teachers have received flowers                                                                  4) Grass has greened.                                                                                     5) I like to blow light clothes.                                                                           6) Venus orbits around the sun faster than the earth.                                     7) Most kids love ice cream in the summer holiday.                                     8) In Africa are hot temperatures.                                                                   9) The contryside is ablaze with color in autumn.                                           10) Mr. Voillat died after falling from the Royal Prince boat during a Halloween party last October.                                                                              11)   Keep up the good work, and nuts to everyone who doesn't like it.
sau cam incurcat.....insa ti-am raspuns, recunosc, nu la toate
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