Change the fllowing sentences into the right tense using the time express between barckest:
E.g.I m jogging now(every morning)
I jog every morning.
a.Andra is reading at the moment .(often)
b.Michel cooks pasta in the evening.(now)
c.My children are watching a violent movie.(never)
d.My mother works in the garden.(at the moment)
e.We go swimming every summer.(now)
f.I am having Spanish lessons these days.(on Fridays)
g.Kate is visiting her relatives now.(at weekends)
h.Mike is sleeping now.(at night)
i.Henry is coming back from school.(at noon)
j.Lara is sunbathing at present.(every summer)
kMy father is smoking now(rarely)



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
A. Andra reads often.
b. Michael is cooking pasta now.
c. My children never watch any violent movie. ( sau My children have never watched a violent movie.)
d. My mother is working in the garden at the moment.
e. We are going swimming now.
f. I have Spanish lessons on Fridays.
g. Kate visits her relatives at weekends.
h. Mike sleeps at night.
i. Henry comes back from school at noon.
j. Lara sunbathes every summer. 
k. My father smokes rarely.
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