My favorite pet is my French Poodle dog,  is name is Joy. 
He alway makes me happy. Playing with him is a lot of fun. He is very obedient but is still difficult to care for. Joy is the best pet. That´s the reason why he is my favorite pet.

Joy always makes me laugh. When I´m sad, he makes me laugh a lot when he gets to run around me. After running, he brings his favorite ball or anything to play nice with him. He is always haapy.

Playing with him is always fun. It is when he gets tired. He likes to playwith all my friends and he does not care where we play. He always wants to play with me. He especially likes to play hide and seek. He is very good at finding  me.

Joy always obeys  my orders. If I say, ¨sit¨, he sits fast.  If I say, ´wait for me´, He waits. But still, it is difficult to take care of him when a place is crowded. He becomes very nervous. When there are people, he just thinks on  running. When he is playing and there are other dogsthat want to fight, he always  listens to me and does not fight.

I think Joy is very special. I have not met any dog like him. I has been with me for 8 years, and I have many beautiful memories together. I remember him always playing with me, making me laugh, and making sure that  nothing bad happens to me. He always takes care of me and Itake care of it. Even though he is very nervous and occasionallydifficult to care for, I love him and he loves me.