He was interested, and also sad, I had a bad feeling, knowing that I'll start from scratch as it were, without most of the colleagues with whom I usually, but that's, that's what I chose, that I wanted . I have colleagues interested, I would say ... most are nice, but there are some who do not inspire confidence in me, hmm ... that is not reliable, credible think .... anyway.              I and former colleagues, and current colleagues, with whom I get along pretty well, I and my best friend with me, but do not forget ... I have two friends, so I would do whatever I had not been to both in same class, all I had to "break" the one .My thought it was best to go somewhere where I have not none of 'em, not to be divided into two parts: D, whatever. profilu .. that's the 'I like more [natural sciences], and did not have to torture me to get info mate for the sake of fellow            Said of fellow ... hmmm, the first day was strange, yet full of ..optimism? I promise more today or not .Sper I get along well with most, and they like me and We are more girls in the class, which I would say it's good, but ... not really my boys jumped none 'in the eyes, it caught my attention:) in other class are many colleagues of the former [but more boys: - "more than boys class,' but we're lucky that there are classes side by side, mate-info and bio-ch, which pleased me very much because I would have missed former colleagues who are still my colleagues for me: D.              Class teacher seemed nice, and communicative, I hope to get along well with her [former DIRIG anyway 'will remain the hottest DIRIG ": D" Live my teacher!              Now I can not really give their opinion, as is the first day of school, and d'until I met, we'll see tomorrow on, I hope you are well, and hope that relationships with colleagues [former colleagues] a stay aceieasi, pt. it would be a shame: D.             I'll come back with posts, now su

Mamă da chiar că ai stat vre-o ora pentru compunerea asta!