My family consists of four members: mom, dad, my sister and me. Together we are a happy family. 
My mother is a teacher of German at High School in Bucharest Mihai the Brave. She likes very much to work with children and love the children a good teacher because it is not customary to give low marks. At home, my mother treated me and my sister as any student of hers, when it comes to school. We check and put us to learn lessons, because, she says, no education a man can achieve anything in life. As a parent, the mother is extraordinarily good man, I argue, only when there are unusual năzbâtie. My mother is a good homemaker, especially some sweets. Make some delicious cakes! 
My father is an engineer at a construction company. He works a lot, from morning to night, why not come home early. I spend time with him especially at the weekend. Then go fishing together on the pond near, go to the football stadium of the local team. When time allows we do and trips to the mountains, especially in winter for skiing. My father is a great skier! It inspired to me love and passion for the mountains to ski. 
My sister is younger than me and grader II. Wed I return often to help with homework task. I do not mind for this and whenever I ask for help are with her and try to help. Sometimes I think how great it would be if I had my older brother to be with me all the time. 
All four family members form a united family and try to enjoy our time together. Especially on weekends are inseparable. Depending on the season, going along on trips to the mountains, the sea or the country to grandparents. I was even abroad. I think the best trip my family was in France at Disneyland. It was a fairytale trip that I will not ever forget.


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