Alcatiti 10 enunturi la egleza in care sa folositi past tense , de clasa a 6-a cu urmatoarele cuvinte: once-odata , mast-cel mai , wonse-a trece , invent-a inventa , chewing-guma de mestecat , cry-a tipa a plange , kind of- ce fel de , gate-poarta ( de la gard ) , tasties - cel mai gustos , cele mai gustoase si bar - tableta ( de ciocolata ).



Once I get there, I was mast good at tennis. I wonse the frist round! I invet a new move! I had to drik some whater. When I sit down on a chair, there was some chewing. I don't liked to stay there more. There was a baby who cry kind of a monkey, I hired that baby when I enter the gate, It was loud... Once I finshed the rounds I eat a chocolate bar! It tasties good! 
That was an awesome day!
Pai is cea mai buna din clas mea la engleza
a ok
mrs oricum
Np :3
imi poti scrie te rog mult cum se citeste?