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HELP ME PLS!put the verb in brackets in the correct tense.in some cases there is more than one possible answer.

1.many people from the former communist bloc ______(emigrate) to other countries since the end of communism.the kossowskis_____(leave)Poland four years ago.
2.when the reporter____(arrive)at the kossowskis'house,they___(have) tea so they offered her some.
3.mrs kossowska ____(study)english for several years.her english is quite good now but she doesn't want to give up her lessons yet.
4.joasia and piotr___(not study)english very much before they ____(arrive) in england.their schooling____(be) in polish.
5.piotr____(attend)an english school for almost half of his school life.his next two years at school will also be in english.
6.the kossowskis____(not,be) to britain before they ____(move)there.it was their first time in the country.
7.piotr____(go) to a polish school for six years.


1 have emigrated / left 2 arrived / were having 3 has been studying 4 hadn't studied / arrived/ had been 5 has attended 6 han't been / moved/ 7 has been going
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