Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
Hi! My name is ..... and i am ... years old. My parents are .... and ... . My mother is an/a ... and my father is an/a .... . I have ... brother(s)/sister(s) *asta daca ai*.
I have a pet. Its an .... and i love him. 
My mom has ... eyes, .... hair , she is tall/small , fat/skinny.
My dad has .... eyes, .... hair and he is tall/small and fat/skinny
My brothers/sisters ..... *cred ca te-ai prins tu cum sa faci*
Well this is my family, and i love her. My family is perfect for me, because they accept me how i am, and they will love me forever even if sometimes i make mistakes.
t spatii deja pui numele tau si scrii su=ingura ca eu nus tiu chiar tot despre tine
mersi mult!!