Use the verbs in brackets in the correct for1)she will go for a walk,if te weather(to be) fine2)if you could see throught a bees eyes,things (to look)most strange to you
3)if you dont come on time?your mother (to get) upset
4)if the weather(to be)rainy,I would have stayed at home
5)if he (not to read)this book,he won`t learn a lot of facts about extinct animals
6).If they had seen a cat creeping towards a birds,they (to chase) the cat away
7)if it misty tommorow,it (to be) diffcult to drive a car
8)if i (to know) the truth, i would tell it right away
9)Animals will die out,if people ( to destroy) their habitats



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1. She will go for a walk, if the weather will be fine.
2. If you could see trought a bees eyes, things would look most strange to you.
3. If you don't come on time your mother will get upset.
4. If the weather will be rainy, I would should have stayed at home.
5. If he don't read this book, he won't learn a lot of facts about extinct animals.
6. If they had seen a cat creeping towards a birds, they could chase the cat away.
7. If it's misty tomorrow, it will be difficult to drive a car.
8. If I would know the truth, I would tell it right away.
9. Animals will die out, if people will destroy their habitats.

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