Complete the sentences with the verb phrases in the correct form.
break up
be together
drive me mad
get on with
get on my nerves
go out with
I hate electronic music.It drives me mad.
1)Which girl ..... Tim ..... now?Is it Jenny , Susie or Jo?
2)I lake our new languge assistant.I ..... her very well .
3)Paul and Geri haven't spoken since they...
4)She's always apologising.It's starting to...
5)Harry and Julia ... for years and now they're engaged.



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1.wich girl is Tim going out with now?[ .......] 2[.......]I get on with her very well.        3[.....] since they broke up.     4.    it's starting to get on my nervs.    5.Harry and Julia have been together for years [...]
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