Pune adjectivele din prima propozitie la forma corespunzatoare in cea de-a doua propozitie(comparativ sau superlativ).

Exemplu: I have a fast car, but my friend has a faster car.
1) My brother is tall. My father is much_ than my brother
2) The journey to Georgia was easy, but the journey to Utah was_
3) The beach is sunny. Do you know the _ beach in the country?
4) George is a good skier, but his sister is_ than him.
5)Our father has a nice car, but my uncle's car is _than my father's.
6) Mary has a beautiful baby, but my daughter is the _baby on earth.
7) Mike has a large family, but I have a_ family.



1) taller 
2) harder 
3) sunnyest
4) better
5) faster
6) beautifulest 
7) larger