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Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays off the year, ever since I was a small child. I'd always go trick-or-treating with my friends around our neighbourhood, and we'd always be amazed at how wonderfully decorated the houses of our neighbours were. It was all very beautiful, and of course, scary as well, just like Halloween is. I always appreciated what our neighbours would decorate our neighbourhood with, so this year I had decided to do the same and contribute to the spirit of Halloween more than I had before. 
I gathered up a few friends over at my house, and we had made a pile of various decorations, of different shapes and sizes. Plastic black cats and witches were present, along with several carved pumpkins, and there were also several zombie and skeleton decorations. All in all, we had a lot of things to use to decorate our houses and our neighbourhood. 
We spent almost all day setting up the decorations, taking a few breaks every now and then. After we were finished, we stopped to admire our work, and having been satisfied, we decided to give ourselves a reward. We decided we'd all sit outside and watch a movie. The weather was pleasant enough, so that wouldn't have been a problem to interfere with us staying outside. We set up a projector and used the side of my house to see the movie on. Soon enough, my friends and I were not alone, having been joined by a few others to watch several Halloween movies. I ended up making some popcorn for everyone, and offered drinks as well. It was like an outdoor cinema.
We played movies all night, and by the end of it all, my friends and I were thanked for our work and for how much fun we managed to make people have. It was one of the best Halloween celebration I ever took part of.
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