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Shh! Take it easy, she whispered to the feeling in her stomach. Whatever it is, in won`t be long now!
She stopped to let the slow traffic advance before crossing the street. A coach stopped right in front of her. Anya saw herself reflected in the window. Then suddenly she realised. What she was looking at was not herself but a boy, about her age, sitting in the coach. They looked at each other with equal surprise and delight.

2) Raspundeti la urmatoarele intrebari :
1)why do you think anya couldn`t call out? how do you think she was feeling.2) now that you have read the first episode of vision of danger, do you want to change your answer to question 1? why?3) what do you think anya will do? What would you do?

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1.Anya couldn't call out because she left the slow traffic to advance.
She was surprised.
2.I don't wan't to change my answer to question 1.
3.I would cross the street and move on as far as i possibly could.

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